Meet the Team

Moving forward with life

Hayley is in her 20’s, and like many young people, she was motivated to find work, but lacked the confidence to approach potential employers. She met with Oakdale and identified her goals as getting a job. She liked working with animals, but her dream job was in childcare.

“I have always loved working with kids, it makes me really happy”.

Through the Transition to Work program with Oakdale Training, Hayley worked on personal development and building her employment skills though practical, classroom based activities. This included travel training where Hayley learned how to catch the bus to and from work independently. Hayley says that she felt encouraged by program staff.

“I learned how to stay calm, relaxed and just be myself!”

Oakdale tailored the program towards Hayley’s goals and arranged several work experience opportunities, including the RSPCA and West Moonah Community Playgroup. This provided valuable experience in the areas that she wanted to gain employment. Hayley says the program boosted her confidence.

“Transition to Work helped me gain the skills to take the next step in finding a job”.

Hayley’s hard work paid off. She felt confident enough to approach an employment agency and now has paid work in the childcare industry. She loves her new job and is proud about achieving her goal.

“I feel happy I am moving forward in my life”.

Hayley is an Oakdale Training participant as a part of her NDIS– link to the NDIS and you page plan.