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If you want to get a job, we can help you get there. This program develops the skills and/or qualifications needed to successfully secure and maintain employment. It is ideally suited to young people who have a strong desire to work, are leaving school or have left school.

The program looks at your strengths and adapts to your individual needs, interests and goals. We work in partnership with employers, families, schools and other support networks to make sure you get the best outcomes.

The program combines four main elements:

Employment Skills

This covers a range of topics such as how to find a job, dress and hygiene, preparing a resume, punctuality and attendance, workplace literacy and more. We also offer a range of work experience, volunteering and workplace visits to discover areas of interest and gain practical workplace skills.

Vocational Education and Training

We provide a range of in-house accredited training and foundational skills. Non-accredited training includes Language, Literacy and Numeracy, financial management, how to use personal computers, mobile phones and digital devices.

We can also link participants to other training providers.

Personal Development

Learning can include social skills, communication skills, anger management, travel training, cooking, shopping, time management and more.

Health and Wellbeing

Topics include fitness, sport and recreational activities, grooming and personal hygiene, social participation in the community, health, nutrition and more.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award






Oakdale Training are proud to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. The program aims to equip participants aged 14-25 with skills for life and work. Participants are challenged to complete activities that develop confidence, independence, responsibility and a focus on community. Oakdale Training is currently the only disability provider in Tasmania to offer this program. Read about our previous Awardees.

Work experience

Oakdale Training can offer on the job training and work experience as part of the Transition to Work program. We match a suitable workplace with participant’s interests. Work placements have included businesses in the following sectors – recreation, hospitality, retail, gardening and postal services. They can also include Oakdale Enterprises, volunteering or starting up your own business.


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