Meet the Team

Work makes me happy every day

Daniel is a supported employee at Oakdale Shredding. In the space of 12 months, Daniel has progressed from being a trainee to a full time employee.

Daniel first approached Ookdale to participate in the Transition to Work (link to program page) Program and originally joined the Walkabout team part-time for 3 days per week. In just over 12 months Daniel developed the skills to transition to full time employment. Daniel says the program has given him the confidence to take this next step.

His favourite part of the job is the relationships he has built with colleagues.

“Getting to know each other is great, we always have fun.”

Production Manager Jason has noticed the change in Daniel, who has begun to take on senior tasks.

“Working with different types of people, he has gotten some mentoring and grown a lot.”

His typical day consists of sorting documents and operating the industrial equipment to shred documents that come into the warehouse.

“I like the work I do. I feel fantastic, it makes me happy every day.”