Preserving our natural resource

Environmentally friendly

Oakdale produces timber products that are natural and sustainable with a lower carbon footprint than other alternative materials such as aluminium, concrete and steel.

Innovation for sustainability

We pride ourselves on our commitment to responsible practices and our approach to manufacturing, having significantly invested in ways to utilise as much of our raw inputs as possible. We do not believe any part of this precious resource should go to waste and look for innovation not only in our own production, but also partner with others in the industry that share this vision:

  • Partnering with Hydrowood¬† – solid timber unblemished and intact reclaimed from the depths of Lake Pieman.
  • Partnering with SmartOak – a vertically laminated product engineered by upcycling a renewable resource – Tasmanian Oak.
  • Utilising offcuts by converting them into products such as garden stakes or other products to be enjoyed.
  • Investing in¬†specialist machinery to compact our sawdust (normally seen as a waste product) into fire pellets for Oakdale Heating. The result is a clean burning, cost efficient, environmentally friendly heat source for your home. This initiative significantly reduces our contribution to landfill and we are currently in the process of adding a second machine to our operation.

Peace of mind

At Oakdale, you can trust that we only use quality timber responsibly and sustainably sourced. We are fully accredited, holding a number of certifications and memberships to several industry bodies that regulate timber resources and standards in Australia.

  • Fine Timber Tasmania (FTT) Chain of Custody (Licence number #12036)
  • Australian Forestry Standard (AFD/01-32-01
  • PEFC (PEFC/21-32-01)

Use sustainable timber in your next project

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