Innovating to value add with timber

Problem solving often provides the impetus for innovation. Just ask the team at SmartOak, who have found a way to value add to timber that may have otherwise been destined for pulp and paper. Instead, they created an engineered timber product using responsibly sourced local timbers.

Unlike most other engineered timber products, SmartOak is laminated vertically. This results in the entire board being made from solid timber, with an 8mm wear layer, rather than a thin top lamella, delivering strength and durability in a sustainable way. This means that wider board sizes can be manufactured, and the flooring can be sanded back and refinished as many times as needed over a lifetime.

Oakdale Industries, the national flooring distributor for SmartOak, have received great feedback about the product. Sales and Marketing Manager John Hollis, a director of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association, is impressed with the range of projects SmartOak has been used in so far.

“The versatility of this product is very exciting, we have seen applications for flooring, panelling and joinery with fantastic results. It has a distinctive, modern look, which proves to be popular in both commercial and residential settings.”

“The quality of machining makes it effortless to lay. That, combined with the fact that it comes prefinished, makes installation quick and easy,” says John.

View the SmartOak specifications here.

SmartOak brings warmth whilst adding to the clean, modern feel at this corporate office.