Temporary closure of Oakdale Pack and Mail and Oakdale Sewing

Due to the impact of the coronavirus, we have had to temporarily close Oakdale Pack and Mail and Oakdale Sewing.

The coronavirus has unfortunately significantly reduced work orders and there has not been sufficient work to sustain the businesses. This has had limited impact on our supported employees, most of whom were already choosing to stay home to self-isolate to keep safe. The vast majority of supervisors have chosen to be redeployed to other roles or areas of the organisation.

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority, this extends to social and emotional wellbeing. Staff and supervisors have been working with supported employees to ensure they receive any additional support they need.

Our other Oakdale Enterprise operations have not been as impacted by the coronavirus and continue to operate, while maintaining a safe workspace that is mindful of social distancing and infection control advice.