Season’s Greetings

A heartfelt thank you for working with all of us here at Oakdale Enterprises.

It’s been a big year, with so many amazing achievements by our customers and our team—many building their pathways to independence.

At the end of this year we bid farewell to the 2010s and enter the 2020s. We have all come such a long way in the past decade and we have put our hearts and souls into careful craftsmanship, packing, sewing and our other enterprises.

We look forward to continuing providing you great services and products in the New Year. Your support helps us provide training and employment to people with disability, bringing positive changes to the lives of many individuals and our local communities.

We hope that you have a wonderful time this festive season, celebrating with friends and family, and replenishing for another exciting year ahead.

We will be closed during the summer break, please see our contact page for details on when we reopen.